Wednesday, July 20, 2011

Week in Review: July 11-July 17

Two weeks ago I had an improvised recovery week and this was my first real training week since 3 days off.  Lots of things are weird then. 

First my “Trimp” score on the chart is wacked.  Trimp stands for Training Impulse and it’s compiled by multiplying the number of minutes in a heartrate zone by the number of the zone.  If a runner went for a run and spent 10 minutes in Zone 1, 10 minutes in zone 2, 10 minutes in zone 3, and 10 minutes in Zone 4, they’d end up with a Trimp score of 100 (10x1+10x2+10x3+10x4).  It gives an estimate of how hard a workout was and the accumulated total give an estimate of how hard a week was.

Anyway.  My Trimp for the week is all screwy because of the “Odd couple of days running”.  Early in the week, after 3 days off, my heart rate for a given effort was through the roof.  You can see I spent significant time in Zone 5.  On one workout I saw 190 on the HRM and wasn’t even trying.  It’s back to normal now though.

Here’s the chart:
Monday: Day off.

Tuesday: Form work. The usual workout, but with more focus on high cadence.  I wanted a more “run-like” workout and the other stuff I’m including when playing with Deneb.  He loves to Corre-Corre so…

I didn’t use heart rate as a guide for this workout at all.  Looked at it a couple of times, but otherwise just ran.

Distance: 6.96 miles; Time: 58m,3s
Average Heart Rate: 168 bpm; Average Pace: 8:20/mile
Max Heart Rate: 186 bpm.

Wednesday: 5x6 minute Zone 4 Cruise Intervals.  Supposedly.  This workout was weird.  I had planned to do intervals, but because my HR was less than a reliable indicator, I ran hard for 6 minutes and easy for 90 seconds.  The problems were:  No lunch, Heavy wind, mental.

You can see from my chart, I actually spent a fair chunk of time in HR zone 5 and my interval pacing sucked.  They went 6 minutes @: 7:18, 7:48, 8:16, 9:21, and 7:56.  Not sure I got anything out of that workout at all.  Yesterday’s entire hour long workout was conducted at 8:05.  Not skipping 3 days in a row ever again.

Distance: 9.99 miles; Time: 1h,27m,41s
Average Heart Rate: 170bpm; Average Pace: 8:44/mile
Max Heart Rate: 190 bpm.

Thursday: Endurance. Again a weird workout thrown off by the gale blowing from the north.  Heart rate was starting to behave normally, but my return was slowed greatly by the sand pelting my face. 

I actually decided to throw in another hard effort toward the end of the run.  See how fast I could run a mile.  But, instead of hitting the lap button, I hit stop.  I realized what I had done after a short bit, but by then I’d already gone the better part of a quarter mile.  I hit start and killed the effort 3 minutes and 4 seconds and a half mile later.  Oh well - another time.

Distance: 8.58 miles; Time: 1h,14m,42s
Average Heart Rate: 162 bpm; Average Pace: 8:43/mile
Max Heart Rate: 190 bpm.

Friday: Recovery. Nothing special except that it seemed I was back to normal.

Distance: 6.22 miles; Time: 1h, 0m, 55s
Average Heart Rate: 142 bpm; Average Pace: 9:48/mile
Max Heart Rate: 160 bpm.

Saturday: Running Strength. In re-creating my schedule, I decided that the Saturday, medium length run should be flexible.  Wherever I am, I’ll do something that feels appropriate.  I was in Cuevas and the roads were ideal for hill work.  Hit the rollers hard.

This was the first workout of the week where I felt like things were back to where I was before my layoff.  That’s a good thing. 

Distance: 8.49 miles; Time: 1h,15m,5s
Average Heart Rate: 162 bpm; Average Pace: 8:51/mile
Max Heart Rate: 174 bpm.

Sunday: Endurance. Got out for this run in the rain.  I wrote about it in another post.  The mud complicated things and I had trouble getting into a groove.  Oh well.  Additionally the battery on my GPS crapped out about 2 miles from my finish so I don’t know precisely where I ended up on the week.  Whatever.  Distance and time here are from the watch, time in the chart is estimated. 

Distance: 12.39 miles (actually 14.4) ; Time: 2h,14m,15s (actually 2h 30 ish)
Average Heart Rate: 151bpm; Average Pace: 10:55/mile
Max Heart Rate: 168 bpm.

Seems I've got something moving into my chest now.  There are some trees in bloom and it may be allergies, but not sure.  Will monitor it.

Thanks for reading and remember to charge the batteries.

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