Friday, July 15, 2011

Strange couple of days running.

Running the last few days has been odd.  I took 3 days off over the weekend, and when I returned to work, my heart rate was through the roof.  This often happens when I take some time off, but I was surprised to see it this time.  Things seemed to be returning to normal today though, I'll be checking the garmin file against similar workouts from the last couple of weeks to see how normal.

There are a couple likely reasons for the odd behavior in my chest.  The first is mentioned above, but it's also been quite hot here.  We're in the 3rd or 4th week of winter and the only reason I've been wearing a shirt while running is to keep my skin attached to my corpse (it's been fantastically windy the last several days).  Wednesday I suffered from a pretty hideous bonk and yesterday I was challenged by a fierce headwind on my way back to the house.

Other than the weird internal goings on, there's little remarkable to report on the running front.  It's been a sort of a "day at the office" kind of week, with the exception that I saw a little (perhaps even tiny) owl today.  I'm not sure if it was a juvenile or full grown adult, but it was no longer than 10 inches from the tip of it's tail to it's beak.  It may have been a burrowing owl, but the image I dug up just feels a little off.  Will be keeping my eyes out for the dude.

Once past the owl, as I was coming into the final mile of my run, I heard some strange footsteps behind me.  I regularly get chased by dogs down here, but they're always barking and being generally hideous.  This thing wasn't barking.  I turned around and what was chasing me, but a freaking pissed off lamb and it's younger sibling.  Thing was jumping into the air and butting it's head at me.  Really kind of surreal.

Anyway, thanks for reading and be careful with the wildlife.

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