Friday, July 8, 2011

So that was a rather spectacular flame out...

So after 2 rather tremendous training weeks, I'm in the middle of one that's purely sucking.

It started to suck when I rescheduled my Wednesday workout for Thursday for a variety of reasons, including but not limited to:

  • Needing to buy food for the dog.
  • Feeling tired and not wanting to do 1.5 hours of Tempo work.
  • Being unsure of what the weeks future schedule would look like
    • Am I going to Cuevas tonight, Thursday or Friday?
  • Having the car in the shop.
Turns out I'm going to Cuevas tomorrow in fact.

I did get out running on Wednesday.  Actually my run took me to the market where I did in fact buy food
for the dog.  Ended up getting 8.5 miles in.

During that run, I started thinking about why I've been so tired.  I realized that it's a chronic thing that's gone back to when I trained heavily for cycling.  I've always had real trouble getting out for the 3rd week in a 4 week training cycle.

The way I've always coached myself involves cycles with 3 weeks of increasing stress followed by one for recovery.  The problem with that paradigm is that the 3rd week in a typical cycle is marked by a great deal of anxiety about getting the workouts done and the fun in training is replaced by dread.  Not sure that's something I need.

Anyway.  Upon allowing myself to accept that introspection as gospel, I have redesigned my training schedule to reflect 3 week cycles.  This week is now a recovery week and next week will be the first week of Base 2.  I'll lay out my individual workouts later on today, but as for today, I'll run 45 minutes very easy.

Thanks for reading and be safe out there.


  1. At our age, it's gotta be fun (well, at any age it should). But, especially at our advanced age...I know it's not that advanced, I'm just trying to justify training schedules. I think I need to start scheduling mine a bit more. Maybe not necessarily as detailed as yours, but making sure I get in a good interval session and hills each week along with a 5-7 mile hard effort, a long run or two and a recovery run or two...I think that makes more runs than days in a week...hmmmm...

  2. Dude, ain't that the truth.

    Scheduling workouts is a good thing, but can lead to stress: see post above.

    Anyway, I like Joe Friel's approach to training. You should check out the Triathlete's Training Bible or Total Heart Rate Training. He gets into gory detail, but I like his approach.


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