Monday, July 11, 2011

Like I said in my last post...


Not going to bother with the chart and detailed review for last week, it wasn't good.  Four workouts for just under 4 hours (huh 4/4/4).

Tired and flamed, ended up having life get in the way of my weekend workouts.  Today is a scheduled day off, and I'm taking it, but tomorrow I'll be back out there working on my increasing my turnover rate.

That is, if this crud in my gut goes away.  Ugh.

Anyway.  Added some new stuff to the training calendar.  I'm done with Zone 3 for the foreseeable future and instead of Tempo efforts, I'm going to be spending shorter periods with greater intensity (Interval work) for the next several cycles.

Thanks for reading, and don't run into any barbed wire...


  1. Mmmmmmmm...intervals...I haven't really done any intervals since I started focusing on running long. I think I may add some mile intervals to help with some long distance speed.
    A couple coffees and a run will help get the crud out of your stomach.
    Hopefully it was enjoyable life that got in the way. I don't mind when that happens so much, it's the not so enjoyable life getting in the way that I don't like (like weddings...but thankfully my friends are all pretty much married or probably never will).
    Good Running!

    1. Blogger implemented threaded comments?


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