Monday, July 4, 2011

Week in Review: Jun 27—Jul 3.

I'm feeling tired as I write this.  Yesterday was my longest run both in both time and distance since last year, and I know it...

As far as broken records, last week was another great week training wise.  Same structure as the week prior, but with an increase in the volume - from 8 to 9.5 hours running.  

I did notice my heart rate taking a while to respond on a couple of my workouts, but it wasn't so bad as to worry me.  I'll keep an eye on it though.  The Wednesday, Thursday combo of Tempo and long Endurance run had me run down going into my Saturday workout, but I felt good coming out of it.  It'll be interesting to see if I'm feeling recovered in time for my Wednesday effort.
Anyway - here's a chart.
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MondayRecovery run.  Heart rate low, pace slow.  Easy 45ish minutes around the neighborhood.

Distance: 4.33 miles; Time: 42m,54s
Average Heart Rate: 139 bpm; Average Pace: 9:55/mi
Max Heart Rate: 149 bpm.

TuesdayForm Work.  I wrote a bit about this one in an earlier post.  I started doing butt kicks and high knees because I deemed it possible to work on my foot speed during regular workouts. 
The high knees were brutal.  I worked the intervals too long.  My back hurt.

Distance: 5.93 miles; Time: 1h,0m,20s
Average Heart Rate: 147 bpm; Average Pace: 10:11/mile
Max Heart Rate: 160 bpm.

WednesdayTempo.  1 hour and 15 minutes in heart rate zone 3.  Tough workout.  Fun.  Running fast is always good.

Distance: 11.61 miles; Time: 1h,31m,14s
Average Heart Rate: 166 bpm; Average Pace: 7:52/mile
Max Heart Rate: 176 bpm.

ThursdayEndurance. Spend the majority of the workout in zone 2.  Done.

Distance: 9.2 miles; Time: 1h,14m,8s
Average Heart Rate: 157 bpm; Average Pace: 8:04/mile
Max Heart Rate: 165 bpm.

FridayRecovery run.  Sloooow…  Had this scheduled for 1 hour, but cut 15 minutes because I was feeling worn down from Wednesday and Thursday.

Distance: 4.51 miles; Time: 45m,35s
Average Heart Rate: 148 bpm; Average Pace: 10:07/mile
Max Heart Rate: 147 bpm.

SaturdayForm work.  I cycled between high knees, butt kicks and high cadence.  I did 20-25 second work intervals for the knee lifts, 25-30 second work intervals for the butt kicks and 1 minute long intervals at high cadence.  No problems with the back.  Each work interval started on a multiple of 5 (excepting minute 0).

My final work interval was a high cadence one on a slight downhill.  Gave it some juice.  My GPS says I hit 5:28/mile in that short little sprint.  Happy with that.

Distance: 10.74 miles; Time: 1h,37m,52s
Average Heart Rate: 152 bpm; Average Pace: 9:07/mile
Max Heart Rate: 176 bpm.

SundayEndurance/Long Run.  Went well on this run.  In fact my time through the half marathon point was only 7 minutes off my Boulder Spring Half time from last March and my route has 1000 more feet of climbing.  I’d say the fitness is somewhere different today. 

I only brought 2 water bottles on this run, into which I’d squeezed 4 gels and topped up with water.  Toward the end of my 2.5 hours I was pretty bonky.  If you look at the GPS data on Garmin Connect, you can see my HR tail off at the end, I turned into a headwind with a slight uphill and that was all she wrote. 

This was probably a bit too much, too soon.  We’ll see.  Accidentally grumped at Nataly later on too.  Ugh.

Distance: 18.93 miles; Time: 2h,37m,52s
Average Heart Rate: 158 bpm; Average Pace: 8:20/mile
Max Heart Rate: 166 bpm.

That’s it I guess.  Thanks for reading and be safe out there.

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