Thursday, October 7, 2010

Forced day off

Life ended up forcing a day off.

I've kind of been avoiding my boss and needed to join him for some face time.  We had lunch.  Then I got sucked into the project I've actually been avoiding him about and made truly remarkable progress today.  Should finish it tomorrow:  early.

Monument Canyon at Sunrise, Colorado National Monument
I've got many pictures of this area, but none quite like this.
By wisconsinhiker:  Jon Higgins  This photo was taken on October 25, 2006. 
Lunch with boss precluded me from running then and Deneb at home with mom meant no forced departure time.  Really crushed work.  Triassic Colorado should be done tomorrow except for tunes.  Might even get those added too.  I've been dreading this video, but really liked it today.  It doesn't actually suck.

Anyway, taking today off means that I've had my 2 off days for the week.  Tomorrow I'll run tempo at lunch, Saturday will be "long" at the cabin and Sunday will be a HR based interval workout.  Should end up with 50+ this week.

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