Tuesday, October 5, 2010

Rest? Screw that!

Got out today for a good hard effort - lunch run from work.

I warmed up for 10 minutes and hit the lap button on that darn Garmin.  Five by 6 minutes above 178 bpm with 3 minute walking recovery intervals got underway.

It actually felt relatively easy.  5x6 at essentially my 10k "perceived effort".  I don't particularly enjoy 10k's, but if you're only going that hard for 6 minutes and then walking, it's actually kind of fun..

I ran in my Bikilas.  This forced me to really watch my footsteps on the trail.  I find that pretty darn cool actually.  Five Fingers makes running a very zen thing.  No room for missteps, a wandering mind will reward one with a freaking negative reward for sure:  Must find the least sharp landing - or else!

Out on the trail, I saw folks, waved when not too distracted by rocks and said hi when the trail was smooth.  Overall a very good workout.  The details are on Garmin Connect if you care to check them out.

Anyway at lunch I ran (and walked) 6.5 miles in 1 hour and 6 minutes and feel good about my effort.  I had to leave work at 4 today to get Deneb from daycare, I've been getting in earlier in case I have to "get out" and today was a day I cashed in some accumulated minutes.  Not many though (thankfully), because tomorrow I'll likely be doing the same thing.

Nataly had the car with the car seat, so I "had to" run the 1.7 miles to the daycare center with homey and his chariot.  Must say that today it was a very good thing he's decided he digs riding in it, because when I got there he was apoplectic.  Apparently the kids in his crèche decided that hanging out was awesomer than napping, so nobody slept more than an hour.  Deneb usually takes a 2 and a half hour mid-day nap.  I got there to one tired boy.

He settled down very quickly once we were outside and getting into the stroller and even gave up a couple of chuckles as we went over the cool swoopy - not rectilinear - curbs over by the golf course.  We got home and he was ready just to chill in his own space and read his (one time) popup book while I put together his dinner.

Nataly and I played catch with the baby after dinner, as he ran back and forth between the two of us, laughing the entire time.

Good stuff, good day.  I ran 10 miles and watched my son sprinting from one end of the living room to the other.

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