Thursday, October 13, 2011

Grrrr...Occupy Wall Street

Ok, so...
This photo graced the Facebook page of a friend of mine.  Let's just say it got me fired up.
My response to Anonymous follows...

Congratulations for living in a State where your Public University is still Moderately Priced.  I worked in the Geology Department at the University of Colorado for 10 years and because of budget cuts, our Public University can no longer be considered Moderately Priced.

Congrats on your decent High School grades, but I was a National Merit Scholar Finalist, and didn't see a whiff of the scholarships you received - I got one for $200.  Glad that those scholarships covered your tuition - it'd probably help in Colorado.  Additionally, if you started saving for school when you were 17, er...?  Were it not for my family, I wouldn't have started school until I were in my late 20's, if at all.

I'm not entirely sure, but I expect all college students can say they live in a Cheap Apartment and also suspect that their Comfort is directly proportional to their tolerance for entropy.

I do applaud your restraint in controlling yourself when you walked by the Credit Card Vendors on campus, and am surprised that you don't have a Smart Phone, but will offer a Golf Clap for that as well...

No, you are not the 99%.  I expect you are more like the .0001%.  In my 10 years working for the University of Colorado, I know (for sure) only 1 person who obtained a significant portion of their tuition from Scholarships.  So, Congratulations Anonymous you're one blessed individual.
--/End Rant--

Thanks for reading and sorry, I don't usually get all political, but this was a bit much...

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