Friday, July 1, 2011

On the weather and nap time...

Today, truly spectacularly bad weather coupled with a very nice cuddle with Deneb at nap time threatened to derail my running plans.

Throw in me feeling overly tired from a couple of tougher days of training Wednesday and Thursday, Jackson having decided to eat something that didn't agree with his lower GI (resulting in my being awakened to a panting, needing relief dog 4x last night), and a pretty strong desire to just chill and watch a movie and I had decided to bag my workout entirely before even sitting down for lunch.

But something changed while I lay there with a slowly drifting off to sleep Bean.  I was thinking about the Space Coast Marathon.  I was thinking that I have a legit shot at a top 10 placing (depending on the folks who show up and my form).  The rain stopped.

It's still overcast.  It's cool.  Perfect weather for a run.  Too bad today was marked "Recovery".

In deference to my general malaise on the morning I took 15 minutes out of my scheduled workout and kept it out - toward the end of my run I was feeling really good and wanted to do more...
Thanks for reading and be safe out there,

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