Wednesday, June 29, 2011

Frustrations and Form Work

Everyone here has a car alarm.  For some reason, last night ours decided to go off.  I'm not entirely sure why we have a car alarm - our car looks like a beater.  Maybe it is a beater.

Anyway, the doors locked outside of the market where Nataly was buying diapers and wouldn't re-open.  She was actually able to break in through the back window (effective alarm I know), and drive it home, but now we can't reset the damn thing.  It's incredibly frustrating.  She's supposedly going to call the mechanic who'll hopefully come help us out, but for now I'm not going anywhere - and I need to buy coffee.

On the other side of things, yesterday I worked on a couple of Danny Abshire's form work drills for natural runners.  Similar to the high cadence stuff I've been doing the last several form workouts, I did intervals with 1 minute on and 4 off.  I alternated between high knees and butt kicks.

The high knee drill kicked my but you might say.  In fact, 1 minute long intervals were on the fringe of being too long.  Toward the end of my workout my lower back was screaming toward the end of the interval and I was doing things to compensate.  I should have cut the intervals short, but it didn't occur to me during the workout.  I'll have another chance to be a better self coach.

Got a tough workout on tap for today and I'm feeling tired.  We'll see how that goes.
Thanks for reading and be safe out there.

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