Monday, June 13, 2011

Knee Wha...

This post was supposed to be the culmination of my On injuries and running barefoot post, but as luck would have it, I've got something else to write about instead.

So for the last several weeks I've had a "Goth" toe.  It had gotten to the point to where I'd named it Marilyn.  Black toenails are something I'm familiar with, but this one, well, it is different.

I'm not sure when it first developed, but at some point a couple of weeks ago I noticed dried blood caked around the pinky toenail on my right foot.  I told Nataly that I thought I had a worm living under there and she just scoffed.

I kept running thinking it was just a new manifestation of the black toenail syndrome all runners eventually suffer from if they log enough mileage.  Then the toe started to hurt.

I asked Nataly to look at it several times, but she didn't think much of it.  Black toenail.

Finally this weekend, with some good light she looked at it and declared, "I think I know what this is: 'Knee Wha'."  Cool, I have no idea how to spell that!

Supposedly it's a relative of the tick.  It finds callouses and burrows into them, then lays it's eggs.  This particular one chose my pinky toe.  Sweet!

Nataly spent the better part of an hour and a half last night with a needle picking and squeezing at my toe until no more eggs squirted out and more than half of my callous was removed.

Pretty hideous I know.

Running wise.  Last week I ran 10.5 miles on Thursday to La Guardia, Friday I ran laps of my back yard while Deneb slept (1 hour) and Saturday I got 1.5 hours in the hills behind Cuevas.  That "run" totalled all of 4 miles, but I was completely wasted yesterday - sore and dehydrated.  Ended up flaking on my scheduled workout.

I have an off day scheduled today, and given the gaping hole in my toe.  I expect I'll be taking it.  Tomorrow 1 hour and 15 minutes are on the schedule.  Base 1 week 1 is commencing.

Apologies and thanks for reading,

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