Tuesday, June 14, 2011

Added a bit of something to the blog.

You can check out my training calendar by clicking on the tab above.  It's shows my scheduled workouts for the next month.  

In the process of laying out my schedule I discovered I had an extra week.  That's cool.  Right now I'll be using it for an additional preparatory week.  Last week didn't go too well from an accomplishing training goals perspective so I'll try to go better this week.

Today I got out and did an hour of form work.  I ran for an hour in my trusty five fingers and on every fifth minute I increased my cadence to the most rapid foot strike I could manage while still maintaining good form (lift up not push off, core engaged, foot strike under center of mass...).  Each work interval lasted one minute.  I look forward to seeing the graph. 

On a non-running note, somewhere in the last 24 hours my cousin found himself on the summit of Denali.  Well done, Dave.  Dave is singularly responsible for my getting into this whole long distance running thing and I can't appreciate that enough.  Perhaps he'll find himself on the summit of a peak here in Bolivia soon.  Huyana Potosi is easily reached from La Paz and a guided climb can be had for under 500 dollars.

Thanks for reading.

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