Tuesday, November 2, 2010

Pissed off treehugger

So today is election day.

I went to do my civic duty and discovered that my polling place had moved.  I suppose I should have known that and even better, I should have signed up for lifelong mail in voter.

I went to the location I thought was supposed to be our new polling place, but didn't see any signs from the road.  Finally, I noticed a small kind of tell tale sign taped onto a door adjacent to a crowded parking lot.  "This must be the place," I thought.  Sure enough, as I was pulling into the parking lot I saw a big sign for Polling Place for Precincts X and Y.

The small sign I noticed from the road said that voting was on the third floor.  I had to take an elevator to get there.  I'd like to note that this place was an assisted living facility.  Lots of folks in wheelchairs and ekg machines beeping.  Weird.

Anyway, I grabbed the little sheet, wrote my name on it and handed my drivers license to the gentleman behind the table.  He noted that my ID was expired, but if I was in the book, I could still vote.  An election official came over to help us out when it was determined I wasn't in the book - perhaps I was in the wrong place.

Turns out, I was!  Awesome.  I could either fill out a provisional ballot there or go across the street to vote today.  The official showed me the rather extensive form I'd have to fill in to acquire my provisional ballot so I opted to go across the street.

In the new place, I walked up to the table and greeted my neighbor who was working for the precinct.  Obviously I was in the right place now.  I filled out my sheet, proclaimed my ID expired, and started to run through the stuff told me across the street, but they wouldn't have it.  In fact, they didn't even offer a provisional ballot.  I had a recently expired drivers license with my picture on it, a neighbor who recognized me, and I couldn't even get a provisional ballot.

Ridiculous.  I could present them with a utility bill, but my expired drivers license wasn't good enough. Had I voted with a mail in ballot, the only ID that would be on my form would be that it was delivered somewhere close to my home.  Stupid.  Just stupid.

Anyway.  Aparently I missed a pretty darn cool run on Saturday (really wish I'd been more tuned into that one), and I wasn't even able to go run in the Monster Dash, because my little man was passed out cold and we didn't want to wake him up.  Oh well.

Sunday we hit the Denver Zoo for "Boo at the Zoo."  Oh man did Deneb have fun.  That was the good stuff.

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