Friday, October 29, 2010

Somebody's apparently pissed at Boulder.

So there's another fire close to town.  I had actually planned to run right through the evacuation area today, now I've got to find someplace smoke free.  The thing is, it seems to be very (very) close to Mount Sanitas.

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Depending on the wind direction, I wouldn't be surprised if the summit of Sanitas burns today.  Here's hoping that firefighters can get this sucker contained before it becomes a really bad situation.

Anyway.  I've gotten a couple of shorter runs in in the last couple of days and today I was hoping to do something longer and easier, but now with the smoke?...

After Tuesday's windy jaunt, I ran around the Boulder Reservoir Wednesday evening.  I was crunched so I went really pretty hard, regularly pushing the pace into the upper 6's.  I'm starting to wonder if I can break 21 minutes in a 5k.

Tomorrow I'll be running in the Louisville Monster Dash 5k and pushing my son in his carriage.  Considering the added load, I won't be getting 21 minutes tomorrow, but I think it can be accomplished soon.  We'll see.  May have to give it a go over at McIntosh Lake in training...  Nataly will be running also and I'm going to see about entering D into his first race too - a 100 meter dash.  Big family outing.

Yesterday, Homey, Deneb and I logged 4 barefoot miles around the neighborhood.  Deneb was in an absolutely foul mood when we left, but his mood perked up once we were moving and he became absolutely chatty after a quarter mile.  He had all kinds of comments to share, too bad I don't speak babble.  Need one of those fish from Hitchhiker's Guide....

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