Monday, October 11, 2010

Uninvited Guest in my Chest again.


Had a tremendous run Saturday in the VFF treks on up in Buffalo Creek.  A 16 mile loop I've ridden on my MTB but never run.

It turned out to be a bit harder of an effort than I wanted, because I found myself running with a bunch of mountain bikers.  We leap frogged at first, but eventually I dropped them.  That was really good for some extra BPM.

I'll post a link to the run.  But in basic, the first 3 miles or so are on Hwy 126 and all uphill.  After that the route gets onto single and double track which climbs until about mile 7 or so.  Then there's a long descent back to the cabin.  In all a 16 mile loop.

I took 2:45, and not only was I happy with my passing and dropping some MTB'ers, but I ran the entire way in VFFs.  That is my longest single run in Five Fingers by 100 percent and my longest day in total by 33.  Pretty sweet.

After I got back to the cabin, my Mom, Nataly, the Beanery, Julie and a whole mess of dogs took a walk on the Colorado Trail to get my Mom re-oriented with the surroundings.  There's a really pleasant location, east of 126 on the FS 1776 where you stand in an unburned copse of trees and can see Pikes Peak, Denver, Mt Evans and Mt Bierstadt.  Cool.

Sunday, I was going to do about an hour long workout which included some intervals, but I woke feeling like crap.  It wasn't my achilles-s either.  Nataly wanted to rake some needles and somebody needed to babysit the Beanery.  So, I decided I'd just put off my workout until lunch today, but when I woke today the gremlins had moved into my chest.

Probably shouldn't have had so much fun chasing down the MTB'ers on Saturday.  Because today, I'm wondering if I'm going to feel a run is warranted tomorrow.

Oh well.
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  1. The Buffalo Creek trails must be just about perfect for VFF running. Glad you snuck in a good one before the gunk caught you.


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