Monday, September 27, 2010

Lunch Trot

Headed out today for my first real run since Steamboat.  It was good.  Boss was out so I had absolutely no trouble combining my "Marlboro brakes" with my lunch and lariated Flagstaff - 1 hour and 37 minutes; CU Gregory Canyon, Rangeview, Flagstaff, Gregory Canyon, CU.

Ran in my Bikilas.

One thing about Fivefingers, they're fine for climbing, but on a descent, they reward you with a bite with every missed step.  I was thinking about dexterity and foot placement on the way back down Flagstaff trail today when I damn near ran into a mother deer and her Bambi.  Right within arms reach.  Had I been wearing an Ipod I would have completely missed the Nature, but as it was I heard mom Clop clop clop as mom got out of the way.  Wish I'd had my little camera, but...

Anyway.  First real workout since Steamboat rewarded me with grumpy knees and good animals.  Overall good.  I'll probably be sticking to the Creek Path for the next few weeks until my joints return to happiness, but the reward was worth the cost today...

Thanks for reading.

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