Thursday, September 30, 2010

Ache Here, Ache There, Ache Everywhere.

Mmmmm.  Bison Cheeseburger.
I took Tuesday off thanks to the heat.  Skipped lunch and left work a bit early with the plan to run easy around the Boulder Reservoir, but as I got closer to my run destination, the temperature gauge in my car crept over 90 degrees.  Even for a short run, 90 degrees with no clear objective in the near future didn't seem fun.  I opted instead to stop at the grocery store and pick up some ground bison for hamburgers.

Yesterday I was much better about the whole motivation thing.  It took me a while to actually get out for my lunch run, I've been reincarnating a PC in the office which had gotten funked by a trojan.  It'll be running Fedora 13 and Windows 7.  I do like the Windows 7.

I finally got out at 2 PM and headed down to the Creek Path.  I wore my heart rate monitor, but since I've taken so many days off, it's not really a good judge of my effort.  My heart rate tends to be sky high even after 2 days off: 10-15 beats per minute faster than usual for a given pace.  I'm not sure why, perhaps my heart shrinks?  Probably it's well rested and ready to go?  It conjures an image of Homey bouncing around when I grab the leash.  I'll often run the first couple of workouts after a layoff without the HRM because the data are so screwy...

Anyway.  I knocked out 7 yesterday in just over an hour.  Pretty easy.  One disconcerting thing occurred while I was out there, my left knee really grumped at me.  Patella tendon I think.  I was running in my Green Silence shoes (Monday was a vff day), but after 5 miles I decided to take them off and run the rest barefoot.  That helped the knee almost immediately, but my left achilles tendon got grumpy.  Ugh.

Today I woke up with achy knees, elbows, back, neck and a sore throat.  I don't have a fever, but Deneb got something viral after his trip back from Bolivia.  I expect that he's passed it on to me (and maybe Natatly too).    I'll run short this evening, while pushing Deneb.  That'll take some of the pressure off my knees and ankles.

Thanks for reading.

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