Tuesday, May 8, 2012

Quick Checklist

This is just a brief list so that I can organize my upcoming posts.  I've got a whole bunch of ideas, but they're all over the place and therefore find it a bit overwhelming to sit down and write one thing at a time.  Anyway here's the list...

  • Priority Posts, these might be grouped together.
    • Stuff that hurts
    • Leadville Plan
    • People who died, and what that means to me
    • Continued ruminations of being a stay at home dad and the guilt associated with leaving my son with the maid while I head out for 2-3 hour long runs.
    • Shoe reviews:  
      • Brooks Pure Connect
      • New Balance MT110
  • Secondary Posts
    • Stuff about the local geology.  Lots of people think Bolivia is mountains - where I live it's flaaaat...
    • Heat adaptation, cold tolerance
    • RPE vs. HR for untrained athletes.
Now I'm committed to 6 or 7 notes in the next couple of weeks.

Thanks for reading, and enjoy your time outside.

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