Wednesday, November 2, 2011

Going to have to add a new tag: LT100

Holy crap what have I done.

Yesterday, I signed up for the Leadville 100.

That's not really the scary part.  What I find scary is the content behind the first link on this google search: "Splits for 25 hour LT100".

I'd read Brandon's account of what transpired for him during last years Leadville 100 and for some reason that only made me want to line up for the start more.  What I hadn't seen was his sister's tale: the race from the crew chief's perspective (the first link in the search above).  That's some compelling reading which drives home the magnitude of a 100 mile race; it's not just a huge undertaking for the racer, it's a huge undertaking for all around him.  Whew.

The finality of dropping the better part of 300 dollars on a race leaves very little option other than to begin thinking about training, thank everyone around me and apologize in advance for those times when I will offend someone.

In re: Training.  I've decided my foot wants 1 more week.

At this point I can balance on the ball of my foot and even do multiple sets of calf raises, but Monday while pacing out the fence-line, I stepped, with my bad foot, on a small stump (1.75 inches in diameter, 3 inches tall) while wearing my Minimus trail shoes.  That rewarded me with some stabbing pain and induced some new swelling.  The swelling was gone Tuesday morning and I've been walking confidently without a noticeable limp for the last several days (Monday excluded).  I can really feel that my foot is getting healthy.

I want a couple more days for it to heal up before testing it out though.  I'm thinking now that next Monday will be my first run post Blues Cruise.  I could go out today in all likelihood, but there are times where discretion truly is the better part of valor and I would think this is one of them.  Wouldn't want a lingering injury to keep me from making it to the start in August.

Thanks for reading, and wonder if a race takes 30 hours to cover 100 miles, is that really running?

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