Wednesday, June 22, 2011

Week in Review: June 13–June 19.

First I should say:  This was the best week of training I’ve had since before the Steamboat 50.  I got out for all of my workouts and I completed my workout goals.
My training calendar says that this was an “unstructured week” but in reality I had scheduled several “key” workouts.  Tuesday, form work, Thursday, strength, and more form work on Saturday.
Additionally I had 2 longer runs scheduled on Wednesday and Sunday.  In all, I logged 42 miles of running and got a tremendous core workout in on Thursday.  Here’s a chart:
For more detail, read on…
Monday:  Day off. 
Tuesday: Form work.  This was a 1 hour running workout where I did 1 minute long work intervals separated by 4 minute long recovery intervals.  During the work portion of the interval, I focused exclusively on my foot strike mechanics:  Rapid turnover, lift up not push off, forefoot strike, gentle landing.  During each interval I counted each cycle, I was able to average about 93 cycles per minute or 186 footstrikes per minute.  They say that the goal stride rate for minimal runners is 180 strikes/minute.  So, I’ve obviously got to do more work here.  Heart Rate was not used as an indicator for this workout, but I did record the effort.
Distance: 6.95 miles; Time:  1h,4m,41s
Average Heart Rate: 164 bpm; Average Pace: 9:18/mile
Max Heart Rate: 177 bpm.
Wednesday: Long run.  Very easy, heart rate guided run.  My goal in this one was simple keep my Heart Rate below 155 beats per minute and run for 1.5 hours.  I was on a positive split for the second half of my out and back so the final .5 miles I ran a bit more briskly. 
Distance: 9.12 miles; Time: 1h,30m,4s
Average Heart Rate: 152 bpm; Average Pace: 9:53/mile
Max Heart Rate: 180 bpm.
Thursday: Strength.  So running specific strength work is kind of difficult to come by where I live.  I do run through quite a lot of sand, and that has obvious strengthening benefits, but the hills are mediocre at best.  I didn’t really want to hit the hills anyway so I went out for a Tempo run and then turned over the compost pile. 
Turning a compost pile, now that’s a workout.  I had soreness in my back, abs and arms through Saturday.  I ran for 35 minutes and whacked a big pile of (almost) dirt with a hoe for another hour plus.
(Run info)
Distance: 4.43 miles; Time: 35m,38s
Average Heart Rate: 164 bpm; Average Pace: 8:02/mile
Max Heart Rate: 179 bpm.
Friday: Recovery.  Short, Slow, Easy.  Goal: Keep heart rate below 155.
Distance: 4.33 miles; Time: 45m,47s
Average Heart Rate: 145 bpm; Average Pace: 10:34/mile
Max Heart Rate: 157 bpm.
Saturday: Form Work. Similar workout to Tuesday except slightly longer.  1 Hour 15 minutes.  This time I was able to get up to 100 cycles per minute.  This felt like the absolute limit of my cadence.  I’ll continue these workouts because I think I can see their worth.  They really get my hip flexors firing (lift up not push off).  The tail end of this workout I decided to run fast.  So, in the final 5 minutes I ripped off .8 miles.  My average pace on that portion of the run was 6 minutes 15 seconds per mile.  I think that is about my 2 mile race pace.  Not super fast, but I think it’s faster than last year.  Whatever…
Distance: 8.17 miles; Time: 1h,15m,46s
Average Heart Rate: 150 bpm; Average Pace: 9:16/mile
Max Heart Rate: 187 bpm.
Sunday: Long run.  Identical to Wednesday, except I went slightly farther under similar conditions.  At my midway turnaround a dude was having trouble with his car (battery probably) and I gave him a push and he fired right back up.  It was kind of weird, he was having trouble at my precise turnaround.  I ran up to him, gave him a push and headed back the way I had come.  Like I meant to do it.
Distance: 9.4 miles; Time: 1h,29m,36s
Average Heart Rate: 148 bpm; Average Pace: 9:32/mile
Max Heart Rate: 162 bpm.
Anyway, thanks for reading and be safe out there.

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