Monday, June 6, 2011

Wait! What was that bump?

Saturday was a big day.

I wore a suit.

No really, I did.  Eventually we got home at 3am Sunday and that kind of frakked my running plans for yesterday, but I'll just get out today instead (scheduled rest day).  Bolivians know how to party, Nataly and I were actually home early relative to the others.  Not sure how they do it, and not sure I want to...

Running wise, I decided to take a foray to the West in hopes of finding a road which I thought might have some hills on it.  I was actually looking for one road in specific.  I didn't find it, but had a good time looking for it.  The GPS track in Google Earth helps, and I think the next time I go out I'll get onto the correct track.

This run actually featured the most pavement of any run I've done since moving out of Santa Cruz, but that's mostly because I had to spend so much time on the Highway.  Eventually I wound up on roads like this...

And this sucker (in the distance) was at Mile 6 in my run.  It's short and sweet and slowed me down to little more than a grunt, but it will get visited on a regular basis for the next several months.

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