Thursday, June 2, 2011

Run: 10.01 miles

Got out again yesterday and it was the only thing remotely constructive I did all day yesterday.

This week, I've been trying to get my Bolivian residency status squared away and I was driving into Santa Cruz when I got into a fender bender.  Remarkable it hasn't happened before, but there it is.  Nobody was hurt, but our car has a new ding in the side.

A cop was actually riding in the passenger seat of other vehicle and he said it was the other driver's fault.  I honestly have no idea, the place where we were in the accident is an absolute cluster.  Whatever...

My run yesterday required a bit of willpower to undertake.  I was (am) sore from the run and the raking I did on Tuesday (we've got a big yard).  Eventually though I did get out and 97 minutes later I got back.  Heart rate was high again on the run yesterday, and toward the end of the run I actually gave it a bit of a kick just to see 200 on the tachometer.  I think it's kind of cool to be staring down the commencement of my 41st trip around the sun and still able to hit 200 BPM and not have a heart attack.

Nothing else particularly remarkable about yesterday, today I won't be driving anywhere that's for sure.
Thanks for reading.

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