Thursday, February 10, 2011

Retrospect Piece #2. Vermont.

What has gone before
I've had 24 hours to think on what I did in VT while I was there, but for some reason it's all pretty foggy.  I arrived on Monday evening and left Friday morning.  In between I visited with my Mom, my Brother, his new girlfriend and slouched around Rutland for a little bit.

My Mom had to work on Monday so Jackson and I visited with Alex for a bit and I had a few post-long-drive beverages.  Eventually Mom got home and we chatted for quite some time.  How was the drive kind of stuff, weather forecast kind of stuff, stuff kind of stuff...

Otherwise, the rest of this post is going to be pretty much a stream of randomly organized memories and so...

I drove to VT before heading to Miami because we thought I'd be leaving my Subaru with her to sell.  We spent some time during the week trying to determine the feasibility of that and discovered that renting a car (big enough to haul my crap+dog) would cost almost as much as I still owe on the loan for the Cruck.  It'd cost less to fly my Mom to Miami and spend a couple days touring the Everglades than the rental and the Cruck is now paid off...

So after a couple of days of deliberation my Mom decided it'd be fun enough to see her Grandson and Nataly in Florida to make up for the 3 day long drive she had waiting for her after she departed.  Thanks so much Mom!

I emptied out a good chunk of my extraordinarily disorganized car on Tuesday, but left the 400 lb sculpture in the back and headed over to my Brother's house in the morning.  There I got to drop off the block of rock that cost me 3 miles per gallon on my drive East and I also got to visit with Charles's new girlfriend.

Holly is apparently terrified that I don't like her.  Whether I like her may or may not be the case.  The truth is I don't actually know her. She did anger me, but that's a whole 'nother kettle of fish.  She seems pleasant enough and she makes Charles happy I suppose.  Maybe some day I'll hear a good explanation of why she did what she did.  Anyway...

On the running front, I came nowhere near knocking out 3x2-A-Days.  I seem to remember only one actual run.  Part of the problem?  My brother is more than just kind of a bad influence (or perhaps it's the other way around).  Whatever the case, put the two of us in a room together and you'd best hide the hoppy frosties.  Was it sailors who coined the term "Groggy"?

Another part of the problem.  I've been logging alot of my miles in VFFs recently and (this issue is still bugging me) my left achilles tendon has been troubling me in the mornings.  It loosens up throughout the day, but in the morning I move around like someone in desperate need of a knee replacement.  It's been getting better with days off, but not 100 percent.

I haven't said much about this injury, but it's been bothering me since November probably.  I will chronicle it's evolution or (hopefully) devolution as time goes bye.  Perhaps this is the problem - I'll see about modifying my form on my next run and see how it goes...

My Mom made my favorite dinner one night which inspired me to revisit some songs from Sweeny Todd.  Anyway, she has made this really delicious meatball pie since I was in grade school I think.  Meatballs, garbanzo beans, marinara sauce, so good.  I think that that day I had made some bread to go alongside dinner too, but I'm not positive.

I did make another batch of bread in my mom's oven and it came out very well.  Down here there are rumblings of a wood fired bake oven made from clay being built in our yard.  That should be exciting.  I'm looking forward to catching a yeast and baking regularly.

Somewhere in here Nataly and I finally pinned down the date for my departure to Bolivia.  One way ticket.  Woah.  I'd be flying out with Jackson on the 27th of January.  Ok away we go then.

That's all for now I suppose.  I could go on, but this somewhat Joyceian diatribe has probably gone on long enough.
thanks for reading

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