Tuesday, October 19, 2010

Freaking Gorgeous Day

After yesterday's less than spectacular culmination (Vermonters would recognize the crud we had last evening), Colorado rewarded us with a cookie for our perseverance.  Holy Frak, was today running weather or what?

I had planned to get out for an hour at lunch today, but the lure of the weather was just asking me to go for a bit more.  My boss complied and I found myself with a free hall pass today - took an extra 40 minutes.

interruptus::My wife is asking me to check out some dude on TV::/interruptus

Gearing?  Bikilas and er... somehow my standard "inner shorts" hadn't made it into the bag, so I went "non standard" and "free" the rest of the day:  the wife didn't notice until I remarked about it so all is good...

I ran from Benson up Gregory Canyon to the Tenderfoot Trail.  Google maps suggests that one can actually get down to Canyon Blvd from there, but I've never confirmed it.

Until today:  Trespasser!  There's about 1/4th to 1/2 mile where one should try to blend into the bushes, but damn, what a loop. Gotta find myself at the Red Lion Inn before I move to Bolivia for sure.  Anyway, climb Gregory Canyon turn toward the Flagstaff Amphitheater road, cross it and you're rewarded with a long descent into Boulder Canyon.

There's a half mile or mile on Canyon before you're rescued by the Boulder creek path, but the short scofflaw jaunt is absolutely worth it.  The route would be sweet in reverse too - nice tempo climb (for me)...

Anyway, from Benson Earth Sciences on CU campus, this is about an 11 mile loop which took me 1 hour and 45 minutes.  Great lunch break!

Thanks for reading.

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