Thursday, September 16, 2010

T Minus 33 hours (ish)

Steamboat 50 is coming up.

Right.  I've said that already.

Steamboat 50 is coming up.

What did I do?

Um....  Some laundry?  I guess?  Gotta have clean Ijinji socks for the race.

Less than 1 year ago I said, "No way I'll ever do one of those!" and here I am about to "do one of those."  I honestly don't know how I'll finish or if I'll finish, but today I picked up enough "tech food" for two 50's.  That should be enough calories...

This race almost feels "spur of the moment" to me.   Imogene was always target A on my calendar.  I lost sight of it, dreams reminded me of it, and I raced it.  I feel like I might have left a bit on the course, but not alot (just a couple of skin cells)...  Here I am, like last year undertaking something unknown in the wake of something known - I knew Imogene was in the bag last year, just didn't know how fast I could go...

Allrighty then.


Presupposing no injuries, I think I'm going to go under 12 hours.  Not sure of course, but...

Why?  Running today with the Holmes, I felt like I was gliding.  Effortless.  Fast.  We didn't go far, but it felt good.  It was the first day since Imogene I felt fit and good again.  No soreness whatsoever.  Good.

We'll see.  The big challenge in the Steamboat 50 is right up front.  3750 feet in 6ish miles (profile). After that there is less than 5000 feet of climbing left (over 44 miles).  I'll take that first bit easy - at 210 lbs there isn't much choice.  After that, it's going to be a question of fuel.

There's a part of me which thinks that I could hit 10 hours for the course, but then I remind myself of that first bit and readjust my estimate.  This is my first 50.  Modesty matters.  So:

  • My first goal for this race is to finish.  
  • My second goal is to finish smiling.
  • My stretch goal is to come in under 12 hours.  

I really think I can get all three, but I really prefer being able to give the volunteers a grin and will sacrifice #3 in order to say thanks along the way.

I'll write something after the race orientation tomorrow.
Until then...
Thanks for reading,

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