Friday, September 24, 2010

Head for the Hills.

On Wednesday, my wife and son finally got back from 2+ months in Bolivia.  Little guy grew probably 3 inches while he was gone.  He's speaking Spanish and some other language I'll refer to as babble.  Simply walking from one place to another is not good enough anymore, he's got to run!  Good news for a hopeful Dad that's for sure...

This weekend we're all going to head up to Buffalo Creek to hang out, read and take it easy.  I'll probably get out on the trails with Homey for a couple quickies.  It's been tough sitting around the house waiting for my blisters to heal up.  They're still blisters, but they don't hurt.  We'll give it a try anyway.  If it's too unpleasant, we'll can the idea and hang in a hammock instead.

Thanks for reading.

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