Thursday, September 2, 2010

Great Egret

Today was kind of a big day.
I had intended to run at lunch, but my boss came by my office this morning and:
Kramer-like Weimer enters the cluttered space occupied by Mike S. and Jay A. both are apparently working hard and listening to tunes on headphones...
Boss:  Mpjme aurav lmnve?
Jay looks up, removes headphones
J:  Hey Paul.
Boss:  Hey Jay, are you available for lunch today or do you have something else going on?
J: I need to run.
Boss:  All right.
MikeS:  Check out my Mastodon...
Boss:  Nice.
MS:  I'm working on a Camel too.
Boss: Hmmm...
MS:  Do you think it had a hump?
Boss: What does the literature say?
MS:  Soft parts...rot...
J:  It's a North American Camel.  We're presenting it to 8th graders.  It has a hump.
Boss:  Sounds good.
J:  I can do lunch.
Boss: You sure?
J: Yup.
Boss:  I have to skype, when I'm done, lets go.
J:  Cool.
End Scene

Paul and I discussed lots over lunch.  Nuggets.  Children.  Broncos.  Eagles.......moving.

A big problem with my relocating to Bolivia is that the project I am working on with Paul and Mike (and Leo, and Chris, and Ben) will not be finished before I leave.  I can get it closer and we'll probably have only a couple vignettes left, but it won't be finished.  Even with the videos done, the Flash still needs to be ironed out.  It's a bit more work:  5-12 months.  Nataly wants to be in Bolivia in January.

At lunch today Paul and I were able to get to the point where we could say, "This has obvious consequences."  To one another.  That is good.  Tomorrow I'll suggest he pays me when a product gets delivered.  The money he has to pay me will last longer and it will help me stay sane in a land where I am a stranger.  

Today's run really had little remarkable.  Boulder Resevoir.  7 Miles. Easy.  There was a giant white wading bird.  I expect it was a Great Egret.  It was far away.  A quarter of a mile?

I don't know why, but I've always had a sort of superstition regarding birds.
They portend.
A bird smacks  your windshield:  bad luck. Seeing somebody like this in Colorado though is worthy of consideration.  Enough...

I wanted to run with Holmes when I got home for a couple more miles, but my ankles grumped at me as I stepped out of the car so Jackson didn't get a run tonight.  That's ok, he's been licking at his paws a bit more than I like - maybe they're irritated.  My paws are from running with him.  Tomorrow I'll run at lunch in my Green Silence shoes, and hopefully when I get home I'll have something left for Homey.

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