Monday, September 13, 2010

Burned a Match

The title of this post could well be "and...Moving on Now," but I've got one last bit of Imogene left in me.  I'm fantastically sore from the race on Saturday.  I'm confident everything will be loosened up come Steamboat, but right now I'm having a little trouble creaking out of my chair.  Oh well.  I said I wanted to give the race a go and well, that's what I did.  In case you missed them and were interested, I posted my GPS file to Garmin Connect and I shot some video while out on the course.

Anyway.  Today has been about work, taking things pretty easy and debating what my effort should be today.  I debated a second day completely off, but opted instead for 2 miles super easy with Homey.   Sometimes a very light effort is more effective in enhancing recovery than is total rest.  A short easy effort would usually find me in my bare feet, but today I wore my vibrams because of the blisters on my heels and am pleased to report that they caused me zero discomfort.

I have a standard out and back which is perfectly 2 miles.  Homey has places he always tags and specific patches of grass which he likes to snack on.  Today though, there was something interesting in the tall grass next to the bike path.  He expressed a desire to go check something out so we stepped over and he sniffed and quickly jumped back.  He eased back in and sniffed really intently, but try as I might I couldn't see anything in the grass.  I did notice the grass moving, but I sure couldn't find anything.  I think it's spectacular that even with a 6th sense, there are times when life just hides from us.

I'm glad I got out this evening.  Hopefully I feel better tomorrow.  Today my quads are fantastically sore...

Thanks for reading.

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