Friday, August 27, 2010

Where did my brain go?

Yesterday I couldn't remember where I parked the car and couldn't tell the Chinese restaurant my phone number.

This morning I get all of my gear into a bag so that I can join the Boulder Trail Runners Friday Lunch Run and somehow neglect to put clothes in with my hat, ipod, shoes, water bottles, 5 hour energy.  I'll run barefoot, but not bare assed...Good grief.  That means today I'll be cutting it short once again.  FRAK!  I guess I'll have fresh legs for the Skyline Traverse on Saturday - maybe I'll have some style to give the effort, but it really leaves me wondering where my brain went...

On another topic, I've been thinking I've got to get some kind of device to record my longer runs that doesn't weigh 12 lbs.  Carrying 100+ ounces of water is enough that my pack (and back) won't miss the Canon.  I've wanted to get a device which would handle all of my portable electronic needs, but I just can't bring myself to spring for the data plan associated with a smartphone.  I'm only someplace where I don't have wifi about 2 hours every day.  Do I need to be more connected than that?

I guess I'm going to pick up a Kodak Playsport.  The Flip is more popular, but I think I like the video quality of the Kodak better. It'll be fun to shoot video while I'm out running and when the Beanery gets back, it'll be fun to point something at him - especially if we move to Bolivia.

Probably head out for 6 or so once I get home and into the clothes I laid out on the bed and then I'll recline on the couch and Netflix a couple episodes of Pillars of the Earth.  I've heard some good things about that show.

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